Hello There!
I am Heather Chaney, owner of Catfish + Tater Boutique.  Here is a little info about our shop + how we got started.  I love what I do and am so excited to be on this journey.
Catfish + Tater was born in October 2007 after 8 years of working in the corporate world, when I decided to leave for a NEW ADVENTURE. I was making One of a Kind leather handbags, hand appliqued apparel & baby goods at the beginning of my Journey.  My Husband, Tate, was the artistic genius that drew all my designs & I did all the sewing.  
Next on the agenda was to come up with a name......Hmmm. I wanted something different that people would remember.  My older brother, Jay, actually came up with the name & I was a little confused at first.  Everyone always called my husband "Tater", so I understood that part.  It was at that point that I found out that my dad wanted to name me "Catfish." So - "Catfish + Tater" it was!  Thanks to my brother for the unique name that EVERYONE can remember.  Crazy + Catchy!  Ha Ha.
After a year of creating I had a retail opportunity that came my way.  It was always my DREAM to have a little retail shop, so I decided to take the leap and the rest is history.  I must admit that one of my most favorite things is Interior Design.  Our shops have always been on the "interesting side", and I love to change things up & re-decorate when I get the chance. We have grown so much since that first space back in 2008.  We've moved & remodeled 4 different retail locations, had a baby (who is now 6 years old), built 2 homes, renovated 3 homes & moved twice since that time.  We are always busy with projects but love taking on those challenges.
If you have the opportunity to visit our retail location, you will see that we love helping each + every customer that comes through our door.  Making women look great & feel confident is very important to us. We hope that our online customers will have that same experience.
Thank you to all our wonderful customers for making us what we are today!  We certainly couldn't do it without you ALL!
Happy Shopping to you ALL!